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What Happened to Me? - Randall Niles Journey

Get Real

Critical Thinking Historical Primary Sources
Worldviews Constitutional Rights
Belief Systems Naked Before God
Atheism and Science Principles of Morality*

What is Reality?

Cosmogony Relative Truth
Mind vs. Brain Moral Relativism
What is Truth? Ethical Relativism
Insanity Defense Why is There So Much Evil in the World?
Is Heaven Real? Cogito Ergo Sum
Flatland Neuroscience
Scientific Theories Miracles*
Inside Information* Mind Over Matter*

Does God Really Exist?

Existence of God DNA and Computers
Complexity of Life Miller and Urey
Anthropic Principle Frog Soup
Evolution Timeline Human Eye Function
Evolutionary Perspective Watch Design
Punctuated Equilibrium SETI Project
Is God a Delusion? Who Created God?
Fundamental Forces in the Universe Origin of DNA
Quantum Theory Landscape Origin of the Universe*
Interdependence and Symbiosis* Causation and Infinite Regress*

Is the Bible Really True?

Basics of Archaeology History of the Rosetta Stone
Importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls Are We Misquoting Jesus?
Is the Bible True? Israel in Prophecy

Who is Jesus, Really?

Historical Jesus Gospel of John
Evidence for Jesus Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Who is Jesus? Mystery Religions
Christian Martyrs Messianic Prophecies*
Jesus Outside the Bible - Pt. 1* Jesus Outside the Bible - Pt. 2*

Does Any Of This Really Matter Anyway?

Fear of God What is Christian Religion?
Truth and Religion The Way, the Truth, and the Life
What Do You Believe? When Belief Becomes Faith
History of God and the Gospel Spiritual Experience

Real Life

The Elephant Principle What is the Secret?
Supernaturalism The Paranormal
Atheist Religion Wonderful Wizard of Oz
End of Faith Miracle of Life
God and Suffering Last Ice Age
Stars, Galaxies, and God Meaning of Zodiac Signs
The Problem of Evil* Religion and Child Abuse*

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