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  Randall Niles spoke to the Colorado Springs Christian High School chapel this week and was enthusiastically received by the 450 students and 30 staff. Last year, I met Randall and realized his heart for young people and his passion for apologetics, worldview, the Word of God, and the God of the Word. He agreed to do a week-long lecture series for a Bible class I was teaching and it was then that I knew I wanted to have him speak to our entire school. In Randall, I believe the students saw an intelligent man who came to real answers regarding his faith after struggling honestly with real questions. His presentation was compelling. Anyone attending the chapel on that day had to come to the conclusion that he wanted each one of those students to succeed in understanding and defending their Christian faith.
David Michaux, Chaplain
Colorado Springs Christian Schools, Colorado

Randall Niles captured our student body's attention with his personal story and his passion for what God had done in his life. He left no time for the students' minds to wander or become disinterested. A number of students came up to me throughout the day saying Randall was one of the best chapel speakers we've had all year.
Andy Boucher, Student Ministries
C.S.C.S. High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado
719-535-2727 (ext. 2250)

Recently, we had the pleasure of Randall Niles speaking to our men's group. Within minutes, Randall had captivated the heart of every man as he challenged everyone to "wake up" and move from being passive to active in their defense of the faith, spiritual walk, and spiritual disciplines. His personal testimony was equally powerful, demanding reflection on how to exemplify Christ in all we do. Weeks later, men are still talking about his presentation and actively pouring through his resources, equipping themselves, and discussing ways they are maturing. I highly recommend Randall to any group seeking an authentic believer who lives his faith.
Jeff D. Stokes, Pastor of Staff and Ministry Development
Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, Kansas

I so enjoyed getting to meet Randall Niles. I especially enjoyed getting washed away with his passion for the truth and his desire to communicate it effectively with our students at Village!! I had a very good response from teachers. Some students really respond well to the "information" approach to the absolute reasonableness of the gospel, the existence, and love, of God. I really appreciate Randall's willingness to engage the pitted landscape of the teenage mind!
Dale Green, Spiritual Life Director
Village Christian Schools, Burbank, California
818-767-8382 (ext. 291)

Words cannot express the joy and appreciation we feel regarding the integral role Randall Niles played in our church. I truly believe God chose and sent him to lead us in this capacity. Randall not only met, but far exceeded anything we could have asked for this event. The message to "get on board" and to invest in kingdom purposes was exactly what we needed to hear. Randall Niles has such a powerful testimony and our people appreciated his caring "down-to-earth" nature as he related so well to the "salt-of-the-earth" Hoosiers. Several individuals have already indicated we would love to have him return for a dynamic "world-view" weekend for all ages.
David B. Thompson, Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church, Greensburg, Indiana

I continue to hear wonderful reports on how much the students appreciated what Randall Niles had to say. They unanimously wished our time together could have stretched over the entire week. From my point of view, Randall accomplished exactly what I felt the Lord wanted us to accomplish. My intent in having him come had to do with exposing our students to the wealth of evidence out there that supports our belief. Randall did that very well. I appreciated the way he presented the material. His delivery is down to earth and interesting to the students. These topics can be quite dry, but his informal, casual, yet intellectual approach, made those concepts come alive. His slides were also a wonderful enhancement to his presentation. Randall Niles made this experience for our students meaningful and motivational. It made the life of Christ come alive not only to the students but also to us adults who were present. I am convinced that Randall's visit here was part of God's great plan!
Timothy J. Gambino
Superintendent, Franklin Road Christian School
Associate Pastor, Brightmoor Christian Church
Novi, Michigan

Randall Niles presents foundational, worldview issues in a creative and exciting way that is ideal for today's culture. His fast-paced style and use of visual media resonates with the younger generation. I look forward to bringing Randall back to teach and challenge our youth.
Rich Blanco
Middle School Ministry
Woodmen Valley Chapel
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you so much for last weekend. All of us just loved it. Everyone was stoked and excited about all that you had taught them. Thanks for taking the time to come out. I appreciate you being willing to teach at Mountain Springs Church and The Pursuit School of Ministry.
Steve Holt
Pastor, Mountain Springs Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Randall Niles has been an absolute joy to learn from. His knowledge and understanding of the subject was unbelievable! I have never known anyone that has so much compassion and dedication for a subject. He is an asset to Colorado Christian University -- I will take as many classes that he teaches as possible because he makes me WANT to learn. I feel like I am on fire for knowledge. Thank you so much.
Kristy, Student, Comparative Worldviews
Colorado Christian University


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