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Randall Niles Short-Form Bio:
Randall Niles is an attorney and educator who spends most of his time pursuing his passion -- developing cutting-edge media to spark critical thinking and truth-seeking in a new generation. For the last seven years, Randall has served as co-founder and director of operations at www.AllAboutGOD.com, where he's written and published hundreds of articles on comparative worldviews and Christian apologetics. When he's not writing or speaking, Randall teaches courses at Colorado Christian University in the areas of business, law, ethics, and philosophy. Randall's books include The Great Pursuit and What Happened to Me, which travel the virtual world via blogs and social networks such as www.AllAboutTheJourney.org. Randall's education includes Georgetown, Oxford, and Berkeley. He lives in Colorado with his wife and three kids, and can be reached at Randall@RandallNiles.com.
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