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  I currently write and record a short radio segment called JUST THINK™. The spot covers science, philosophy and worldview in a pop culture format. It currently airs on Radio Envoy as part of the Salem Communications network in Colorado Springs. Here’s a sampling of the audio, including a few links to relevant articles and sources:

  1. Call to Critical Thinking! [MP3 Audio]
    The Big Questions
    Start Discovering the Answers

  2. What’s a Worldview? [MP3 Audio]
    My Prior Worldview
    Is There Any Meaning in Life?

  3. We Live in an Awesome Era! [MP3 Audio]
    A Look at Some Science
    A Look at Some Philosophy

  4. In the Beginning… Causation [MP3 Audio]
    The Origin of Everything
    The Big Bang Theory

  5. The Watchmaker Revisited [MP3 Audio]
    The Origin of Life
    The Intelligent Design Theory

  6. Life’s Digital Code [MP3 Audio]
    DNA Molecule
    Miracle of Life

  7. Is There Evidence for God? [MP3 Audio]
    Does God Exist?
    The Metaphysical Implications?

  8. Teaching our Kids to Think [MP3 Audio]

  9. Relatively Speaking [MP3 Audio]
    Moral Relativism
    Cultural Relativism

  10. Is There Really Right & Wrong? [MP3 Audio]
    Moral Truth?
    The Alternative

  11. Our Country’s Foundation [MP3 Audio]
    Historical Foundation

  12. Belief vs. Faith [MP3 Audio]

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