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I’m the co-founder and a director of a few ministry organizations, including AllAboutGOD.com. Here are some endorsements for our work in the areas of apologetics, worldview and Internet evangelism:

"ALL ABOUT GOD is an amazing apologetics and evangelism ministry. It grew from a small lay ministry to a worldwide work of God because God has placed his hand of blessing on this exciting outreach. I not only recommend this ministry to you - without reservation - but I also personally use ALL ABOUT GOD to assist me in research for my own messages. I love these guys and I'm proud of the way God is using them."
      -- Dr. Rick Warren, Pastor, Saddleback Church;  Author, The Purpose Driven Life

"AllAboutGOD.com is serious about internet evangelism. They combine an amazing understanding of how people find information on the internet with an intentional flow, moving people from seeking spiritual information to finding Jesus Christ. They are serious, they have a plan, and they are seeing success in their ministry!"
      -- Keith Seabourn, Chief Technology Officer, Campus Crusade for Christ

"AllAboutGOD.com gets it right: The best of technology mixed with the best of answers and information -- combined to communicate the message of Christ to an online culture."
      -- Mark Mittelberg, Willow Creek Associates;  Author, Building a Contagious Church

"Where do over 250,000 seekers a month come to find out about God? Not always to the bricks and mortar church in your neighborhood. Lately, they've been coming to AllAboutGOD.com -- except not in dribs and drabs, but by the tens of thousands! Imagine a new 'bricks and mortar' ministry having over 8,500 people show up every day to discuss the claims of Jesus Christ. I think we'd be amazed beyond belief. In fact, it's happening every day at AllAboutGOD.com! I am thrilled to see what God is doing at this virtual meeting place, where seekers and skeptics meet Jesus and are convinced and transformed into worshippers of the Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!"
      -- Greg Leith, Director of Business and Corporate Relations, BIOLA University

"As the world makes the transformation from atoms to bits, so ministry outreach must make the same change. The second most sought after topic on the Internet, among almost a billion people, is about spiritual matters and a relationship with God. Millions search for answers every day in bits. One of the most powerful and comprehensive knowledge engines to meet these needs has been provided by AllAboutGOD.com. It ranks among the best and most effective content available for those who seek truth and a relationship with Jesus Christ."
      -- Walt Wilson, President, Global Media Outreach (CCCI);  Author, The Internet Church

"AllAboutGod.com is truly one of the most innovative and helpful sites around. I am convinced that it is one of God’s most effective tools to reach lost people in the digital age. Use it – share it – and pray! Lives will be changed."
      -- Dr. Carl A. Moeller, President/CEO, Open Doors USA

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Church Classes and Seminars
  • Hi Randall, I have you and your course to thank for my journey to Jesus and a Christian life. Your testimony at church inspired me to come to the classes and the rest is history, you changed my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  • Randall, We are not enduring your passion -- we are feasting on it! Thanks.

  • Randall, many thanks to you and the team who put the class together. It has made a tremendous difference to both my wife’s and my faith and belief. We were baptized on December 1st! Again many many thanks. We will be emailing our pastor to champion this class!

  • Randall I just wanted to tell you that you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! your passion is so inspirational!! When you talk in class I am just hanging on every word. I come to your course after being in lectures at school all day, so at times my attention span is fading. The class has been so great and has given me more confidence to talk about my faith--THANK YOU!! Thank You for your passion, voice and your e-mails. Have a Great Day.

  • Randall....We have thoroughly enjoyed your classes, and are sad that they have come to an end. Thank you again for enriching our belief and faith.  God bless.

  • I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciated Monday’s class. Being a person who looks for an intellectual explanation for questions regarding faith I sometimes lose focus on the heart part of it.  Also being a former marine and not very emotional I keep my guard up towards letting things into my heart. The combination of the class and reading your mother’s letters really reminded me what it is all about. It is easy to get caught up in intellectual pursuits and using logic to back up your beliefs and to "out think" skeptics. I am realizing now that the ultimate "proof" of Christianity is seeing how lives change when people truly accept Christ into their hearts. All the studying, research, archeological evidence, etc... doesn't come close to that. I told the group that I was sitting with that your mom's testimony kept it all in perspective and that I hoped my faith would be as strong as hers when I am near the end of my time on earth. May God's blessings be on you always.

  • Hi Randall, Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an awesome class! The information is thirst quenching, awe-inspiring and fills me up to overflowing!

  • WOW!...I am in awe!!! That's all I have to say about last night's class. If Christianity was based on only what was discussed last night there would be no doubt in my mind. Of course it's not...so I continue to seek. It's funny, I am totally speechless, but at the same time I can't shut up to my Christian co-workers about what I have learned. You should see their faces light up when I tell them what I have discovered. Coming from a Jewish background I can attest to what was said last night. It seems to be much more tradition than religious. At least for me it has been. If Jews would only take the time to read the New Testament... who knows? So thank you again for having this class and opening up my eyes to what has always been there, which I was always taught not to see.

  • Randall, I am currently taking the evidence class at my church.  I am a junior in college and have already enjoyed your class more than any of my other classes I am taking now.  I wanted to thank you for having the class and encourage you to continue doing what you are doing.

  • Randall, The class is a complete blessing. Thanks again for everything your team has done!

  • Hi Randall, I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for helping inspire me to check out this class. I, like you, was a skeptic, but have slowly become a seeker. I need to "see" the evidence before I can have faith. I have been attending church on Sunday mornings with a good friend of mine for about two months. Hearing your talk on Sunday about procrastination was perfect timing for me. Not only did it get me to do some other things I needed to do, but it got me into this class. I am very excited to be there and to learn all I can to keep me moving forward on my journey with Christianity. Thank you again.

  • Hi, Randall. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful class. I really hated to see it come to an end. It was truly faith-enhancing for me and I have the CDs to listen again to the powerful evidence you presented. Thank you again.

  • Thanks Randall for all your work. It was a great set of classes and very helpful.

  • Dear Randall, Thank you for your testimony on Sunday, it is what brought me to the class last night. I am somewhere between a skeptic and a seeker, and I am ready to see the evidence. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about God and wish I had "faith", but like so many, I have a lot of barriers that keep me from honestly believing in God. I am looking forward to all of the classes, and I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. Thank you.

  • Randall, I attended your class Monday night and just wanted to say how excited I am about participating. Your passion certainly shined and rubbed off on me as I'm sure it did with many others.

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Youth Outreach & Apologetics Classes
  • Dear Randall, Hi. I am a freshman in high school and I regularly go to ‘Obsession.’ I just wanted to say thank you So much for teaching on apologetics for six weeks. Even though I've been a Christian for about four years, I still had many questions. Thanks to your teaching, I have gotten some awesome answers, and many of my non-Christian friends who came to Obsession did as well. Now I have a lot more knowledge when tough questions are shot at me. So thanks so much!

  • Randall, Thank you for organizing the ‘Examining the Evidence’ classes. I have gained so much from attending. I'm very excited about learning more.

  • I just wanted to say Thanks for everything! Your class was awesome! The last night of class I couldn't even speak to say good bye because I was so emotional! When you talk about your Mom and what you're doing because of her, I get all choked up. I see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. It's powerful! I went home and read "Letters to God" and I cried! I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be in your class. I am in a place where I needed your ministry. God does answer prayers! Thanks for everything and keep on doing what you're doing! It does make a difference! Bless You!

  • Hey Randall…. Thanks for a Rockin’ 14 week study!!! I know that it is only the tip of the iceberg ….. but as they say …”How do you eat an elephant ……..?? One bite at a time!” I really look forward to the next session …. Not only to learn more .. but to help out in any way that I can!

  • When I first started this class I was really weak in my faith. I was one of those people who would not be able to “defend” my faith in a conversation. My friends would approach me and ask me “why do you believe this” or “how do you know there’s a God”. I would answer casually with “I just do, I can feel His presence”. Their quick-witted minds would pounce on me with a thousand questions, none of which I could answer. Every time I had a chance to be a witness for God I couldn’t. After every one of these grueling conversations I would feel like such a disappointment to my faith and my Heavenly Father. What was even more unbelievable is that I did not have the motivation to go out and find more information. I always thought that there was no evidence for my beliefs; that is, until I came to this class.

  • I’m not quite done finding out who I am and what I believe, but I’m on my way towards that goal. I do know though, that my faith grew steadier as the class went on. Now I am motivated and ready to find out everything I possibly can about my faith. I am ready to search for all of the evidence that points towards an Intelligent Designer, the Bible’s credibility, the fact that there was a man named Jesus who lived, was crucified, and buried (and by the way, whose body was never found), etc. I feel confident that I can approach my friends with this information and possibly change their mind. I do know that I cannot change their minds, only they can do that. I simply can give them the evidence. They have to decide what to do with it. Regardless of what my friends may say though, I know that I can stand up for what I believe in. I also know that I can find information to the questions they may have; all I have to do is look for it. This class could not have come at a more perfect time. Thanks for a great class!

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College Undergraduates
  • The following may sound like it, but I'm really not trying to be a suck-up. You’re my new "Smart Guy". I look at you and wonder how someone so logical and reasoned could believe in Christianity. You really have made me step back and re-evaluate something I once viewed as ridiculous and narrow minded.

  • You have done a wonderful job portraying your worldview and motivating people to find their position. It was a blessing to have you as my instructor. Yourself, and this class has made a significant impact on my outlook towards life. Thank You.

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful class. Really, I think you're just brilliant and while you let us know your point of view, you presented everything in an objective manner.  Truly a phenomenal class that has made me think more of WHY I believe what I believe.

  • I really enjoyed your class. I will make sure other people know this as well. This class will have an impact on me for a long time.

  • Hi! Just wanted to let you know how the Philosophy of Worldviews class went with Randall Niles. He is an awesome teacher! His class is the best class at this university and it was my last class! He is really good at this topic. He brought a personal aspect to the class which really helped me to understand the subject. I knew I had a worldview but he helped me to be able to expand and defend it! I just wanted you to know how awesome his class was! Please pass this on to the appropriate people. Thanks!

  • I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciated Monday’s class. Being a person who looks for an intellectual explanation for questions regarding faith I sometimes lose focus on the heart part of it.  Also being a former marine and not very emotional I keep my guard up towards letting things into my heart. The combination of the class and reading your mother’s letters really reminded me what it is all about. It is easy to get caught up in intellectual pursuits and using logic to back up your beliefs and to "out think" skeptics. I am realizing now that the ultimate "proof" of Christianity is seeing how lives change when people truly accept Christ into their hearts. All the studying, research, archeological evidence, etc... doesn't come close to that. I told the group that I was sitting with that your mom's testimony kept it all in perspective and that I hoped my faith would be as strong as hers when I am near the end of my time on earth. May God's blessings be on you always.

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Adult & Graduate Studies
  • Randall’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and prompts further investigation.

  • Randall challenged me to examine my belief system for the first time in my life and then he was there to provide perspective and help me with additional questions and points of view.

  • Randall Niles is an excellent teacher! It is very obvious that he loves what he is doing and does it well! His class was very inspiring for me. He is "on fire" for the Lord and it shows! He related his personal experiences in a way the really helped me to understand world views. I have to say that out of all of the classes I have taken at this university, his was the best!

  • There are not enough positive words to describe this instructor. Randall Niles is a brilliant instructor with a passion for teaching. He is able to stimulate discussions, present material in an objective manner, while voicing his opinions and personal views to let his students know where he stands on the topics he presents. It is clear that he is well educated in his field and I am sorry that he does not teach any other courses. I have completed World Views and Business Law with him and I would highly recommend his class sections to anyone.

  • Mr. Niles was VERY good at teaching this course. He has an extensive knowledge of the material...I believe from his own life experiences as he speaks as one who not only is well read in the field, but as one who has tested the worldviews he is teaching about. He is more enthusiastic about his teaching than most college instructors I've known. Use him MORE!

  • Randall is an awesome instructor. He clearly defined course content. His analysis of his own World View was outstanding. He masterfully motivated students to find their own World View, placing emphasis on the Christian Theistic perspective. It was a blessing to have him as my instructor.

  • Randall Niles is without a doubt the best teacher I had. He is so incredibly knowledgeable, he is amazing to listen to. He is very passionate about the subject manner and as my last class before graduating, I feel I learned much more than I expected!

  • I can't imagine a better prepared, more passionate instructor for this course. He was excellent!

  • Prof. Niles has compiled a wonderful assortment of slides, movies and documents that enhance the learning experience. His ability to inspire us to think and to understand the relevance of our worldview is live changing.

  • The knowledge and the teaching abilities were amazing. I have taken more from this course than any other that I have taken.

  • Mr. Niles was the best instructor I have sat under in a very long time. I enjoyed this class because his preparation was always outstanding. His use of various teaching methods was appreciated as well.

  • This subject is so relevant to my life that I am still reeling from the impact. I have never enjoyed a class more than Worldviews. As a returning student, Worldviews has provided me with a perfect benchmark that will be relevant throughout my education.

  • He challenged me to live an examined life, for once.

  • He's the best teacher I've ever had. He has a way of teaching that I've never seen before, where he had my interest in what he was talking about throughout. Great guy also... I hope to have him again in the near future. He brought a lot of knowledge and experience into the classroom.

  • Made me actually want to go to class!

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Testimony of a Former Law Partner:

Randall, I am writing to thank you, as you have been an inspiration and example for me on a very personal level. I am currently going through a period of spiritual awakening very similar to your journey of a few years ago.  I always wanted to believe in God and Christ, but it seemed a little far-fetched that there was really an all-knowing, all-seeing "invisible man in the sky" who loves us, particularly when modern science and popular culture tells us that the concept is ridiculous.  I could not believe what I could not prove.

As a lawyer by training and a rationalist by nature, I was struggling with even the possibility that God exists.  It went against all rational thought, accepted science, and the messages we receive in popular culture.  Then one night I was watching the political talk show "Real Time with Bill Maher."  Maher's guests included comedian George Carlin, who began a discussion of the role religion plays in American politics.  The panel first agreed that God does not exist and is basically a fairy tale, and then spent the next ten minutes ridiculing anyone naive enough to believe in God -- to the laughter and cheers of the audience!  My reaction surprised me.  I was angry.  I thought, "These people are so convinced that God does not exist, yet they are no different than the people they are ridiculing who are so convinced God does exist; for the most part neither group has bothered to investigate the facts.  That's stupid!"  I then turned that same reasoning on myself. I decided to check out the facts to see what they led me to believe.

I started by reading Lee Strobel's book, The Case for Christ.  I read it with an attitude of, "O.k., Lee, prove it; and don't give me any mysto or "you just have to have faith" stuff, I want hard evidence that God exists, that Jesus was his son, and that Jesus was resurrected."  I figured once I was convinced of these core issues, the rest would follow easily.  Strobel's book provided enough competent evidence to get me maybe 95% "there."  That was enough to convince me to enroll in a local church course and to continue to dig further.  In essence, I was in the process of gathering the last bits of corroborating evidence.

Well, last night our speaker mentioned your website and told a little bit of your story.  (I knew you were doing something having to do with letters to God, but that was about it.)  Suddenly, here was someone I know personally, someone who's word, judgment, opinions, values, work ethic, character and intellect I totally trust, someone I saw first-hand every day for nearly three years live a “moral humanistic"  philosophy -- a moral and righteous philosophy to be sure, but ultimately an atheistic one -- who asked the same questions I am asking now, and not only came up with Christ as the answer, but felt strongly enough about it to encourage others on their spiritual journeys.  Now, that is a strong piece of corroborating evidence!  It was the last piece of my personal puzzle. 

My journey continues, getting more interesting by the day.  Along the way, I also am l becoming much more aware of my thoughts and actions and learning why I am the person I am.  I feel it drawing me closer to God, and I am deeply grateful for your having paved the way.

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Book Reviews
  • Amazon.com:
    Randall Niles’ book should start with his ending. Virtually every person, when asked to do so, would promise to participate on a jury and weigh evidence objectively and without any preconceived bias. Why should anyone do any less when deciding whether there is a God and whether Jesus is who he claimed to be? Even if you are turned off by sermons "about Jesus" this book challenges the reader on the most basic assumption - is there a God?

    The scientific evidence, from DNA studies to simple mathematical probabilities, will force even the most entrenched agnostic into accepting that they, themselves, harbor their opinions solely on "faith". What becomes apparent, however, is that is takes a whole lot more faith to accept the "Big Bang" theory than it does to accept there is "intelligent design" behind life.

    I, like Randall Niles, was a "confirmed agnostic" who had no problem whatsoever categorizing all Christians as persons who were weak, who needed a "crutch" to get through life. It took many years to appreciate that I had formed my beliefs out of laziness - I had never really examined the issue. I found it very easy to believe God, and Jesus, was simply a man-made mythology that had been carefully refined over the years.

    The book is very easy reading and not burdened with technical scientific jargon or biblical quotations. Rest assured the information is there if you want it, as Randal Niles makes excellent use of footnotes throughout the text.

    Any person who is committed to their "faith" that there is no God, or that there is no "evidence" of his existence, should read this book. The reader will find himself/herself constantly saying "that's what I thought" as they progress through the chapters.

  • What happens when an intelligent, highly educated man, secure in his belief that the universe exists independent of any creator God, is faced with an inescapable question -one that, if answered honestly, flies in the face of everything he's thought true? What happens when that man admits he may have been wrong - and finds himself with more questions than answers?

    In What Happened to Me, Randall Niles takes his readers along on his personal journey from defiant atheism to devout faith. What would cause a successful man with an ideal Southern California lifestyle to abruptly leave his law practice, make a 180-degree turn in his thinking, and go into fulltime evangelical ministry? Because Niles saw a need to answer these questions for his friends and family, the rest of us may benefit from his fact-finding journey to evidence-based faith.

    Go along for the ride as Randall Niles explores the limitations of scientific understanding when held up to the light of evidence for creation. Examine along with him solid reasons why the Bible is very likely the most reliable book ever published. If you will honestly join him in this faith walk, you may be surprised, as he was, to discover the ultimate answer, waiting for you with open arms.

  • This book is just an incredible resource for anyone on a quest for the truth! It's concise and personal, covering material found in over 100 apologetic books from Josh McDowell to Lee Strobel. But if you only have time (like I did) for one or two, then make Randall Niles' book the ONE!

  • "What Happened to Me?" is, in my opinion, the most important book of the young third millennium, A.D. Mr. Niles presents a case for the existence of God, the integrity of the Bible, and the deity of Christ Jesus in a readable, concise, compelling book.

    I was most impressed by the book's "everyday" style that moves the reader along. The author makes friends with us early and is fun, transparent and believable. As an attorney, this former atheist took on the challenge of reading 100 books - a journey which immersed him in seeking answers to the essential questions for the human mind.

    I suggest that every learned leader, every homeschool library, and, especially all who would aspire to the offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and/or teacher have an oft-referred-to copy of this powerful book near at hand.

  • Wow...Wow...Wow...absolutely fabulous!

    I am the classic type A person...impatient and want to get on with it.  That is why authors like Francis Shaffer lose me. They dedicate two chapters to what could be said in two paragraphs. I lose concentration and stop. Not so with your book.  It explains all the relevant issues clearly without getting bogged down...a great book for skeptics that want a fast read and who are not going to spend days plodding through all of the research that you did.

    ...this is really good!

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